About the Project

This Project is implemented by LU Archives of Latvian Folklore (ALF) of the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (the content, scanned material, manuscripts) in collaboration with Ainars Brūvelis (development of the web solution and its initial funding). The technical implementation of the Project was carried out by the company SEED IT.

The aim of the digital archives of the ALF is to make the material from the holdings of the Archives of Latvian Folklore, namely – manuscripts, images, audio and video recordings, and other valuable collections of folklore material - available online and readily usable.

The digital archives of the ALF is open to public free of charge. Anyone has the opportunity not only to read, view and listen to folksongs, legends, folk-tales, and material of other genres, but also to discover the collections of folklore material as a unique valuable heritage, recorded, gathered and contributed to the ALF by persons having left significant trace in the culture history of Latvia, many schools, higher education institutions and other organisations of Latvia.

The digital archives of the ALF offers the researchers of folklore relation of the material to various indices of material and by various genre classification principles. By development of a detailed metadata system and text search tools the digital archives is built as a research instrument, which is of particular use to students and researchers of folklore and traditional culture and the intangible cultural heritage.

The digital platform of ALF is a means of communication with the public. Everyone is welcome to participate in the further development of the digital content in the following ways: transcribing of manuscripts, so these become searchable by automatic means, translating the materials into other languages, recognising and describing the people and places depicted in the images, adding personal details of folklore informants and collectors.


Head of the team: Sanita Reinsone

Programmers: Uldis Ķirsis & SEED IT

Editors: Elīna Gailīte, Justīne Jaudzema, Kristīne Pokratniece, Una Smilgaine, Digne Ūdre, Elvīra Žvarte.

Specialists, consultants: Ainārs Brūvelis, Sandis Laime (legends), Aigars Lielbārdis (charms), Aldis Pūtelis (dainuskapis.lv), Māra Vīksna.

Scanning assistants: Lingita Lina Bopulu, Antra Upeniece, Anna Laganovska.

Contacts and support

E-mail: garamantas@lulfmi.lv

Twitter: @garamantas

Folklore.lv/garamantas support group for news, discussions and questions at the Facebook.

We thank the following persons for the translations:

Nadezda Alekseeva, Tsimafey Avilin, Udo Bongartz, Asta Katute, Hannes Korjus, Kaisa Kulasalu, Svetlana Pogodina, Kristīne Pokratniece, Valda Salmiņa, Inga Sindi.