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#PisipiltKoguKolekcijas Nr.TüüpAastaKohtNimetus 
1Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Pitrags Folk singer Marija Šaltjāre
2Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930KolkaFolk performer in Kolka
3Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930KolkaFolk performer with family in Kolka
4Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930KolkaFolk performers in Kolka
5Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Folk performer Salemons Buļs
6Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930The folklore informant Petruļa Buļs
7Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Greči parish, near Nierza
8Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Singers from Barkava parish
9Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Working at the Archives of Latvian Folklore
10Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Folk performers Made Misiņa un Mile Kristapa
11Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Folk performer Lize Augule
12Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Folk performer Lize Augule
13Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930The Akmentiņš family
14Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Folk singers Ilze Dukule and Madaļa Ermika
15Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930The Ozoliņš family, the best singers - Milda Ozoliņa and grandfather Ozoliņš
16Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Ilzene Offshoot of Ozoliņš' family
17Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Lejasciems Lejasciems evangelic lutheran church
18Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Lejasciems Folk singer Anna Stabulniece
19Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1924Music instruments
20Collection of Emilis Melngailis1045Photo1930Beggars' song near Orthodox churc in Augstpils parish

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