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Collection of Emilis Melngailis

The collection of folk music materials, collected by Emilis Melngailis between 1899 to 1943. The collection holds more than 10.000 folklore units, half of them - transcripts of melodies, and 46 photographs, which is the largest number of photographic images in a single collection in the inter-war period.

Emilis Melngailis is one of the most prominent folk music collectors in Latvia. He studied music in Dresden and St. Petersburg. In his collecting efforts he travelled Latvia and Lithuania, also writing down the melodies of other ethnic groups (like the Jews (he designates them 'Hebrew'), and the Livonians – the people that once gave the name to the territory that is now known as Latvia). Emilis Melngailis also took photos of his informants and their environment. The material collected by him were published in the three volumes of the book “Latviešu mūzikas folkloras materiāli” (The Materials of Latvian Musical Folklore): in 1951 Korsa (the western part of Latvia) with 1,326 melodies, in 1952 Maliena (the eastern part) with 1,676 and in 1953 Vidiena (the midlands) with 1,153 melodies, appendix and an endnote with an interesting motto: It is not possible to tell the depth without wading in.

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1Knaš neitst valdā puķkesMelody
1aLiba [Marija] Šaltjars Pitragādrawing or photograph
2Kūl, kūl, kuz kielā zvanebedMelody
3Kūl, kūl, kuz kielā zvanebedfolksong, 1-6 lines
4Kursa läde māri neitšaMelody
6Kursa läde luķja kibarMelody
7Mädem mierste voigest aige kakše virist varzeMelody
8Tenč tonč maņekadMelody
9Ku sa kazist, knaše neitste, kuna sinda EbonenMelody
10Kroge Anni azuntatejMelody
11Piškes diret sure diret togad lapsten un da juretMelody
12Tika bokaks skangarpel, rouditarra imerkoutMelody
13Tika bokaks skangarpel, rouditarra imerkoutfolksong, 1-6 lines
14Juņa lekše ainenitem ligo, ligofolksong, 1-6 lines
15Juņa lekše ainenitem ligo, ligofolksongs
16Es ar sav' baleliņfolksong, 7-8 lines
17Es ar sav' baleliņfolksong, 7-8 lines
18Ai žu, ai žu lāča bērnichildren song or rhyme
19Ai žu, ai žu lāča bērnichildren song or rhyme
20Činku činku garbu grabfolksong, 1-6 lines
Showing 1-20 of 418 items.
Showing 21-40 of 46 items.
ThumbnailTitleTypeNumberYearAuthorAdditional information 
Children of familiy LošiImage1045-1228a1930Emilis MelngailisLošu ģimenes bērni Berezovcos, Ciblā. Māsas Ļoļa, Edviga, Vera, Agata Losis, dzimuši laikā no 1914. līdz 1919. gadam.
Celebration in Cibla, Kaļvi villageImage1045-1241a1930Emilis MelngailisDzīrinieki dziedātāji Ciblas Kaļvu ciemā. Geļa Valtars (dzim. 1895).
Folk singer Pīters LaizansImage1045-1269a1930Emilis MelngailisCiblas novada dziedātājs Pīters Laizans (dz. 1870) ar meitiņu.
Karols KonovalovsImage1045-1284a1930Emilis MelngailisKarols Konovalovs (born 1880) from Udeni village of Cibla, an outstanding expert of songs; see 733.
Udeni village in CiblaImage1045-1284b1930Emilis MelngailisCiblas Udenu sādžas skats.
One of the farmsteads in Cibla parish Image1045-1284c1930Emilis MelngailisOne of the farmsteads in Cibla parish (after the partitioning, therefore without any trees) in 1930.
Folklore informants Trine Barīsa and Luize JansoneImage1045-1559a1921Emilis MelngailisLuize Jansone (born around 1890 in Baloži, see 859), Trine Bariss (born around 1890 in "Kaijas" of Grienvalde, see 841).
Folklore informants Marieta Zariņa and Anna ButuleImage1045-1847a1921Emilis MelngailisIn the Rūjiena home for the disabled there were two singers: Marieta Zariņa (born 1861 in "Vinguļi" of Ipiķi parish), and Anna Butule (born 1846) from "Zentari" of Dreimaņi parish. Both singers are blind.
Folk singer Trīne BarisaImage1045-1867a1930Emilis Melngailisteicēja Trīne Barisa, (dz. 1854).
Building in JūrmalciemsImage1045-1933a1923Emilis MelngailisĒka no Virgas Jūrmalciema Nīcā, aiz Liepājas 1923. gadā.
Smiltene evangelic lutheran churchImage1045-2169a1930Emilis MelngailisSmiltenes evaņģēliski luteriskā baznīca 1930. gadā.
Folk performer Dāvis ĒrksitsImage1045-2169b1930Emilis MelngailisTeicējs Dāvis Ērksits (dzimis 1853. gadā Mēru "Ķeizaros") Smiltenes nabagmājā 1930. gadā.
Folk performer Ķersta MazlovskaImage1045-2505a1930Teicēja Ķersta Mazlovska (dzimusi 1841. gadā Klosteres "Pulturos", pie Aizputes) Kuldīgas nabagmājā 1930. gadā.
Folk performer Anna StrožaImage1045-3238a1931Emilis MelngailisTeicēja Anna Stroža (dzimusi 1873. gadā) Raunas "Ķēpinās" 1931. gadā.
Folk performers Tereze Daukšta and Anna MadaļanaImage1045-4223a1931Emilis MelngailisTeicējas Tereze Daukšta (dzimusi 1873. gadā Rušonu draudzē) un Anna Madaļana (dzimusi 1860. gadā Aglonā) Latviešu folkloras krātuvē, Rīgā 1930. gadā.
Folklorists and folklore informants at the Archives of Latvian FolkloreImage1045-4223b1931Emilis MelngailisWorking at the Archives of Folklore. the Latgalians from Aglona - Terēze Daukšta, Madaļanu Anna. The melodies transcribed by Emilis Melngailis. The texts written down by Broņislavs Spūlis. From the left: 1. Emilis Melngailis, 2. Terēze Daukšta, 3. Anna Madaļana, 4. Bronislavs Spūlis.
The folklore informants Anlīze Slavinska and Kristaps Repša Image1045-4588a1931Emilis Melngailisthe informants Anlīze Slavinska and Kristaps Repša in Lielšvitene. Emilis Melngailis and his son Tenis Melngailis writing. Kristaps was born in 1862 in "Viteikas", Anlīze in 1842 in "Dangas" of Mežotne.
Folk singer Libe PelbeģeImage1045-4715a1931Emilis MelngailisTeicēja-dziedātāja Pelbeģu Libe (Libe Pelbeģe, dz. 1846, Rundālē) Ceraukstes nespējnieku namā.
Folk singer Libe PelbeģeImage1045-4766a1931Emilis MelngailisTeicēja-dziedātāja Pelbeģu Libe (Libe Pelbeģe, dz. 1846, Rundālē) Ceraukstes nespējnieku namā.
The folklore informant Eda Ķimele and Ruta MelngaileImage1045-4767a1931Emilis MelngailisFolk performer Eda Ķimele (born in Renda Upesosti farmstaed, in 1853) in Renda Stārķi farmstead. Ruta Melngaile, the daughter of the composer and folklorist Emilis Melngailis, recording her songs.
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