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TitleRomani folklore collection of Jānis Leimanis

Romani folklore

The most outstanding collection of Latvian Romani material - 500 folklore units in 75 volumes - was collected by Jānis (Bernis) Leimanis (1886-1950) in 1920-30's. Leimanis' manuscript is particular for two reasons - it widely represents less known Romani folklore and all of the materials are supplied with Latvian translation.

The manuscript starts with a long fairy-tale Bimbars and Bille, as told by Ansis Zavickis in 1902 in the Kuldīga district. Leimanis was obviously well educated because the language of the translation is brilliant and rich. The material ends in "mortal" words which are now fading out of the Romani language. 

Archives of Latvian Folklore holds also Romani folklore, collected from Latvian children. 

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1(not set)Ņem tu mani, zēniņfolklore of other nationalities
2(not set)Melnais kažoksfolklore of other nationalities
3(not set)Aiz upītes, aiz ozoliemcittautu folkloras teksti
4(not set)Dejo Peku, speries tucittautu folkloras teksti
5(not set)Bimbars un Billefolk tale, folklore of other nationalities
6(not set)Sen laiku Kurzemes, Zemgales, Vidzemes, Igaunijas un Lietavas čigānu paražas un tikumicustom, folklore of other nationalities
6a(not set)Laušanās un paukošanāscustom, folklore of other nationalities
7(not set)Čigāni ūdeni izlietoja kā dziedniecības līdzeklicustom, folklore of other nationalities
8(not set)Upes ūdeni čigāni turēja par šķīstucustom, folklore of other nationalities
8a(not set)Precētai sievietei ir jāizsargājas, lai starp vīriešiem nenēsātu atklātu galvucustom, folklore of other nationalities
9(not set)Pie čigānu nometnes nedrīkst trūkst ūdensbelief, custom, folklore of other nationalities
10(not set)Dejošanacustom, folklore of other nationalities
11-13(not set)Dziesmascustom, folklore of other nationalities
14(not set)Džadža dēls un atraitnes meitafolk tale, folklore of other nationalities
15(not set)Džadža dēls un atraitnes meitafolk tale, folklore of other nationalities
16(not set)Piezīme par pasaku Džadža dēls un atraitnes meitareflection on folklore, folklore of other nationalities
17(not set)Čīgānu galvacustom, folklore of other nationalities
18(not set)Latvijas un Lietuvas čigānu parašascustom, folklore of other nationalities
19(not set)Kas no mitus atteicās, tas lai zirgu neturaproverb, folklore of other nationalities
20(not set)Brālis brāli nežēloproverb, folklore of other nationalities
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Manuscript1389-01a-001rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01a-002rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01a-003rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01a-004rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-00rm, lvNoNoNo
Manuscript1389-01b-01rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-02rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-03rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-04rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-05rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-06rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-07rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-08rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-09rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-10rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-11rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-12rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-01b-13rm, lvYesYesNo
Manuscript1389-02-01rm, lvYesYesNo
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