Folklorists before leaving for the expedition

Folklorists before leaving for the expedition

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TitleFolklorists before leaving for the expedition
Collection21st scientific expedition in Dole and Valka district
DescriptionThe 21st scholarly expedition of the folklorists of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Institute of language and Literature to Valka district in 1967. In front of the building of the Academy, leaving for expedition. From the left: 1st row: 1. Elza Kokare, 2. Jadviga Darbiniece, 5. Ruta Skudra, 6. Andrejs Krūmiņš, 8. Maija Kurme; 2nd row: 1. Antonija Siliņa, 3. Vanda Kalnciema, 5. Vilma Greble, 6. Mirdza Berzinska; 3rd row: 2. Elza Knope, 4. Renāte Tavare, 5. Alma Ancelāne, 6. Jēkabs Vītoliņš; in the back: 1. Ojārs Ambainis, 3. Kārlis Arājs, 5. Jānis Rozenbergs, 6. Jāzeps Rudzītis.
Persons in illustrationJadviga Darbiniece
Andrejs Krūmiņš
Renāte Tavare
Ruta Skudra
Elza Knope
Antonija Siliņa
Elza Kokare
Vanda Kalnciema
Ojārs Ambainis
Alma Ancelāne
Vilma Greble
Place and year1967
Folklorists before leaving for the expedition
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