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OrganisationHerder Institute in Riga
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TitleCollection of Herder Institute in Riga

Herder Institute in Riga

Herder's Institute in Riga (Herder Institut in Riga) functioned between 1921 and 1939, its activities also included collection of folklore. The material was mostly collected by students of German nationality, the work was performed in Rīga, Liepāja, Cēsis as well as other places. In 1939, when the Herder's Institute in Riga was closed, this folklore collection was transferred to the Archives of Latvian Folklore  by the German folklorist Lutz Mackensen, who had been an employee of the Institute for several years. The materials submitted to the the Archives of Latvian Folklore was type-written. The fate of the manuscript originals is unknown; it is quite likely that these were taken to Germany.

The size of the collection in numbers is as follows: there are 1,080 pages, containing 3,370 folklore items.

The collection features many different folklore genres: there are children songs and rhymes, folk-tales, legends, songs of more recent origin, as well as melody notation, descriptions of games and dances, along with folk-belief, charms, proverbs, a few anecdotes, riddles, customs, etc.

The prevailing language in the collection of the Herder's Institute is German, though there are also materials in Estonian, and a few in Latin, accompanied by a few phrases in Russian and Italian. There are also texts related to Livonian (Liiv) folklore.

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1 Osen, Dosen, Tintenfasschildren song or rhyme
2 Mutter, Mutter, Butterbrotchildren song or rhyme
3 Putthähneken, Putthähnekenchildren song or rhyme
4 Schlaf, Kindchen, schlafchildren song or rhyme
5 Schlaf, Kindchen, schlafchildren song or rhyme
6 A, B, C, die Katze lief in Schneechildren song or rhyme
7 Hopp, hoppa, Reiterchildren song or rhyme
8 Hopp, hopp, hopp, Pferdchen lauf Galoppchildren song or rhyme
9 Hopp, hopp, hopp Pferdchen lauf Galoppchildren song or rhyme
10 Eine kleine, weise Bohnechildren song or rhyme
11 Flieg', Käferlein, fliegchildren song or rhyme
12 Backe, backe Kuchenchildren song or rhyme
13 Backe, backe Kuchenchildren song or rhyme
14 Und wenn der Schneider reiten willchildren song or rhyme
15 Widnidnid, mein Mann ist Schneiderchildren song or rhyme
16 Mühle, mühle, Mehlchenchildren song or rhyme
17 Wan' es Kind was?children song or rhyme
18 Petersilien - Suppenkrautchildren song or rhyme
19 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, wo ist denn mein Schatzchildren song or rhyme
20 Häschen in der Grube sasschildren song or rhyme
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ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-001deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-002deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-003deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-004deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-005deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-006deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-007deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-008deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-009deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-010deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-011deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-017deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-018deYesYesNot yet
ManuscriptRigas-Herdera-instituts-011825-Rigas-Herdera-instituts-01-020deYesYesNot yet
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