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IevaKrish. 16.03.2020.–23.03.2020. Self isolation.
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16.03.2020 - 23.03.2020


Day 1 of self isolation - tour report.
Yesterday we ended our Labrys tour by happily quarantining ourselves back home in Riga. It was a very special travel not only because it was our first time to bring Labrys outside of Latvia, but also because of the current global situation where the information updates every hour and changes the rules by applying a new ones. Basically, as soon as we landed in Prague the situation started to accumulate and it was considered to be less and less safe to travel, but what to do when you are already travelling, your performances are not cancelled, there are contracts signed and everyone including yourself really wants the work to still happen just before everything is ultimately closed for unknown amount of time?
So unexpectedly due to the small number of audience and the coincidental fact that in Labrys spectators sit more then 1,5 meters apart from each other we became the closing act of two festivals and two theatres.
In Prague it was Festival Spectaculare and Divadlo X10,
In Mainz it was tanzmainz, Staatstheater Mainz.
To be fair in Mainz it was not an official showing as everything got shut down while we were setting up. Nevertheless out of respect to organisers and all the people who have invested their work and hearts into the festival we took the offered opportunity to show Labrys to festival team, theatre workers and residing dance company as a last act on the main stage before closing of the Staatstheater Mainz.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to curators, producers and technical teams for the good faith in us and our work.
We were very much cared for and we felt blessed in some odd way to be able to show our work in these emotional circumstances. Like taking the last breath just before going under the water.
Now we are home and you shell not see us in streets of Riga for few weeks.


Day 8 of self isolation.
More than half way through.
Up until today due to Covid-19 rehearsals, meetings, residencies and performances of 5 different projects involving us have been postponed or canceled. 2 more might follow as the lockdown will probably go longer then mid-April. This is dangerous for artists to stay idle and home-alone for so long. Imagination is stretched to its limits. It will take years to deal with it and materialise imagined.
Then comes a moment when your home decor starts to annoy you and there is a strong urge to begin a project that actually can be realised in present situation.


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(Prague, Czechia)
16.03.2020Tekstā minēta vietaPilsēta
(Prague, Czechia)
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16.03.2020Tekstā minēta vietaPilsēta
(Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
16.03.2020Tekstā minēta vietaPilsēta
16.03.2020Tekstā minēta vietaPilsēta

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