AddressCarnikava, Carnikavas novads
PrecizitāteKartēts precīzi
Descriptionlielciems Carnikava [AR] Carnikavas novads, agrāk Rīgas rajons
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Updated2017-12-29 19:25:04
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#NumberDate of recordingType of linkExcerpt
1#LFK-1969-165400.05.1984Place of hearing
2#LFK-1969-165500.05.1984Place of hearing
3#LFK-1969-165600.05.1984Place of hearing
4#LFK-1969-165700.05.1984Place of hearing
5#LFK-1969-165800.05.1984Place of hearing
6#LFK-1969-165900.05.1984Place of hearing
7#LFK-1969-166000.05.1984Place of hearing
8#LFK-1969-166100.05.1984Place of hearing
9#LFK-1969-166200.05.1984Place of hearing
10#LFK-1969-166300.05.1984Place of hearing
11#LFK-1969-166400.05.1984Place of hearing
12#LFK-1969-166500.05.1984Place of hearing
13#LFK-1969-166600.05.1984Place of hearing
14#LFK-1969-166700.05.1984Place of hearing
15#LFK-1969-166800.05.1984Place of hearing
16#DS-4-102-1Place and time of recording
17#DS-4-109-1Place and time of recording
18#DS-4-197-2Place and time of recording
19#DS-4-318-1Place and time of recording
20#DS-4-572-0Place and time of recording
Showing 1-20 of 121 items.
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#ThumbnailNumberTitleYearImage authorType of imageType of link
1Benedikts Kalnačs866Benedikts Kalnačs2012ImagePlace
2Doctor on a home visitAk-166-3Doctor on a home visit2020Jānis DaugavietisImagePlace
3Napkins in the forestAk-166-6Napkins in the forest2020Jānis DaugavietisImagePlace
4Message boardAk-166-433Message board2020ImagePlace
6Event canceledAk-166-435Event canceled2020ImagePlace
7Ice cream truck in CarnikavaAk-166-436Ice cream truck in Carnikava2020ImagePlace
8At the Gauja through the application SANAk-166-437At the Gauja through the application SAN2020ImagePlace
9Manuscript by Sanita Reinsone79Manuscript by Sanita Reinsone2020ImagePlace
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Showing 1-9 of 9 items.
#NameNodarbošanāsEvent timeType of linkDescription
1Anna Auziņa
  • painter
  • poet
2Juris Bebris
  • translator
  • conductor
  • author
  • educator
  • public employee
  • editor
1887 - 1888Residence
3Vineta Beltiņa
  • blacksmith
1941Birth time/place
4Gustavs fon Mengdens
  • poet
  • musician
  • diplomat
  • nobleman
16.12.1688 - 19.12.1688Residence
Place/time of death
5Lilita Vita Forstmane
  • nurse
6Visvaldis Lāms
  • publicist
  • author
1930 - 1932Education
7Artis Ostups
  • poet
  • publicist
  • literary critic
  • editor

2016 - 2018
8Sanita Reinsone
  • folklore researcher
  • author
9Ella Rozenberga
  • collective farmer
  • worker
  • milker
  • folk performer
01.01.1918Birth time/place
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#TitleOther namesOrganisation typeTime in placeType of link
14 Years Elementary School in CarnikavaSchools and pre-schoolsLocation
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#TitleYear of publicationType of linkExcerpt
1Klātbūtne 2020Publishing year/ place
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