Johann Karl Schröder

Johann Karl Schröder
Родное имя
Schröder, Scroeder
Johann Karl von Schröder (1771-1840) German-Baltic pastor, representative of Enlightenment, collector of Latvian folk songs.
Личная информация
Johann Karl von Schröder (1771-1840) - German-Baltic pastor, enlightenment collector of Latvian folk songs.
Father Johann Friedrich von Schröder (1728-1801), a representative of the East Prussian merchants and landlords, merchant in Riga. The family owned Kokes, Burtnieki, Seķi, Rūte, Cālīši, Ēķini, Svārte, Briede, Dūre, Pučurga, Rozēni, Aloja, Ungurpils and Limšēni manors. In 1783 the family was appointed to the noblity in the Russian Empire. Mother - Katarina Gesin Schröder, born Kroeger. Father - Theodore Heinrich von Schröder (1757-1831) - continues his father's business: trading and shipping and was the first to export goods from the Russian Empire to the West Indies and Brazil, from where he imported raw sugar and coffee. In 1818, he built a sugar factory in Allazi and an oil mill in Muckenholm, Riga, where he processed the imported raw materials. He was also the Dutch Consul in Riga and the rotmaster of the Dutch Blue Guards. He was the owner of Alton Manor in Agenskalns, Riga. of Burtneck, Heydeckenshof, Wredenhof, Durenhof and Gallandfeld manors. He distributed books.
Father and brother are related to Freemasonry fraternities.
Sister - Margaret Elizabeth von Schröder (1773–?) Is married to Dikļi pastor Jacob Wilhelm Zilmann.
Wives – Amalie Weitzenbreyer (1780-1812), who died in the war of 1812; Caroline von Brandt (? -1850), daughter of Panevezys apothecary.
Son - Julius von Schröder (1808-1888) - educator. He founded the Blumbergsche Schule (pre-school for the Dorpat Grammar School), where he was the principal.

He has been in contact with sister's husband, which presumably allowed for collecting folk songs and sending those to Rujiena's pastor G. Bergmann.
Галерея цитат
Son Julian, remembering his childhood and the loss of his mother in the War of 1812:
"Because of his job responsibilities, my father had very little time, so as a kid I was often left with different people and heard and saw things that the baby shouldn’t."
/Julius von Schröder. Zur Erinnerung an das Leben und Wirken eines baltischen Schulmannes. Baltische Monatsschrift, No. 01.01.1889./
Профессиональное деьтельность
Contribution to folkloristics
Presumably, inspired by his sister's husband, he collected Latvian folk songs and sent 54 items to Rūjiena's pastor G. Bergmann, who included them in the "Second Collection of Latvian Folk Wisdom and Epigrams."

Место/время рождения04.11.1771
OбразованиеRīgas Domskola

Studies time unknown

Reval Gymnasium, Gustav Adolph Grammar School
Suur-Kloostri 16, 10133 Tallinn
Suur-Kloostri 16, Tallinn, Estonia

Studies time unknown

15.10.1789 – 1792
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Jena, Thuringia, Germany
место работы1792

A pastoral candidate who worked for an educational establishment.

1796 – 1803
Aizkraukles evanģēliski luteriskā draudze
Aizkraukles luterāņu baznīca
"Aizkraukles baznīca", Aizkraukles pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, LV-5101

1803 – 1840
Limbažu evanģēliski luteriskā draudze
Limbažu Sv. Jāņa baznīca
Lībiešu iela 2, Limbaži, Limbažu novads, LV-4001

From 1817 to 1836 he served as the Dean of Valmiera district.

Место/время смерти08.08.1840
Liepupes mācītājmuiža

Died during the visit.

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#МестоДатаТипТип места
04.11.1771Место/время рожденияCity
2Liepupes mācītājmuiža08.08.1840Место/время смертиBuilding, house
(Не указано)OбразованиеCity
4Suur-Kloostri 16, 10133 Tallinn
(Suur-Kloostri 16, Tallinn, Estonia)
(Не указано)OбразованиеBuilding, house
(Jena, Thuringia, Germany)
15.10.1789 - 1792OбразованиеCity
1792место работыCity
7 Aizkraukles luterāņu baznīca
("Aizkraukles baznīca", Aizkraukles pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, LV-5101)
1796 - 1803место работыChurch
8Limbažu Sv. Jāņa baznīca
(Lībiešu iela 2, Limbaži, Limbažu novads, LV-4001)
1803 - 1840место работыChurch

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