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1LFKBauņi Mīlīte Primary Schoollv1924-1940Collection of Bauņi Mīlītes Primary School

Folklore materials collected by school children of Bauņi Mīlīte Primary School in Northern Vidzeme from 1920 to 1940s. Legends, folk tales, riddles, folksongs, beliefs, as well as swear words and other genres, some drawings also included.

Eduards Grinbergs492
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450LFKThe Archives of Latvian FolklorelvCollection of Alma Medne

LFK darbinieces Almas Mednes folkloras vākums [450] ar 3922 vienībām tapis laikā no 1927.-1949. gadam.

Alma Medne-Romāne, Anna Studente574
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Паказаны запісы 1-2 з 2.

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