Belarusian folklore in Latvia


The outstanding collection of Belorusian folklore in Latvia collected by Sergey Saharov is available online in The collection [1561] includes 2793 folklore units and 787 manuscript images.

Folklore of Russians in Latvia


Folklore materials of Latvian Russians collected by Ivan Fridrih are added to the database. Manuscript [1195]: 759 folklore units, 1250 manuscript images.

Folklore collection of Dūre Primary School


Folklore collection of Dūre Primary School, located near Lejasciems parish in Northern Latvia included in the database. Manuscript [118], 79 manuscript files.

Folklore collection of Mīlītes Primary School


The very first registered manuscript of Archives of Latvian Folklore included in the database. Folklore collection of Mīlītes Primary School in Bauņi parish. Manuscript [1].

"Cabinet of Folksongs"


Latvian folksong texts and manuscript images of Krišjānis Barons' Cabinet of Folksongs (Dainu skapis) had been added to Thus the  data base is enlarged by 172779 folksong units. The digital version of the Cabinet of Folksongs is available since 2002, see

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