Collection of Lūcija Vankina

Collection of Lūcija Vankina
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The house of Lūcija VankinaImage2052-1aThe title image to the memoirs of Lūcija Vankina telling of her native home - "Ezermuiža".
Surroundings of mountain GaiziņkalnsImage2052-14The view of the surroundings Gaiziņkalns (the Gaiziņš hill). Viešuru (Kaķīša) ezers in the foreground with the Cepurīte ('Hat') island and the very hill on the other side. After a photograph by Upītis from 1920s.
Kāla lakeImage2052-151955Kāla ezers Vestienā 1955. gadā.
Salāju lake at VestienaImage2052-16Salāju ezers pie Vestienas
Salāju lake at VestienaImage2052-17Salāju ezers pie Vestienas
Surroundings of house "Ezermuiža"Image2052-181911A view of "Ezermuižas" farmstead. On the left in the field the lone Rijozols ('the Kilnhouse Oak'), on the right a crab-apple tree. After a photograph by Laidiņš from 12 September, 1911.
Surroundings of house "Ezermuiža"Image2052-191951A view of "Ezermuižas" farmstead`from the side of Jēci. After a photograph from 1951.
A view of Ezermuiža.Image2052-201955A view from the hill of Bērziņi of Ezermuiža and the little beach (to the left) with the pergola erected by the father of Lūcija Vankina. An image from 1955.
The Ezermuiža dwelling houseImage2052-231911The dwelling house of Ezermuiža after rebuilding of 1901. After the image by Laidiņš of 12 September, 1911.
Apothecary Rūdolfs VankinsImage2052-241911The dwelling house of Ezermuiža. On the porch near the entrance to the pharmacy - apothecary Rūdolfs Vankins. After an image from 1911.
Teodors Vankins standing next to the cattle-shedImage2052-251955The barn built by granddad (remodelled into a cattle-shed after the WWII). Leaning agains the corner - Teodors Vankins. An image from 1955.
House of Lūcija VankinaImage2052-261951The path to the well and barn through decorative shrubs. To th4e left behind a rose-shrub - an oak-tree planted by Lūcija Vankina's mother in 1917. An image from 1951.
The road to JēciImage2052-271955The road to Jēci, past the cattle-sheds and the shed. To the left the ash-tree and the white willow platned by Rūdolfs Vankins in 1893, behind those at the corner of the cattle-shed - an elm-tree. A picture from 1955.
Ruinous byreImage2052-281955Laika zoba sagrauztās kūtis 1955. gadā.
GranaryImage2052-291955A granary built by Lūcija Vankina's father in 1911. in 1930s P. Rozītis added the understructures in front. An image from 1955.
Orchard and Teodors VankinsImage2052-301955The edge of the orchard with the birch and fir trees planted by granddad. Teodors Vankins standing by the birch during his visit to the native places. An image from 1955.
Oak-tree at DambītisImage2052-311960Ozols Dambīša (Ozollejas) malā. 1960. gada foto.
Oak-tree at RudausaImage2052-321951Ozols Rudausas malā ar apkārtni. Pēc 1951. gada foto.
Oak-tree at RudausaImage2052-331982Ozols Rudausas malā. Koka apkārtmērs 4.25 metri. 1982. gada foto.
Pine-treeImage2052-341955The old pine-tree and its surroundings. To the left from the birch-trees - gravel hill of Bērziņi, where cow-wheat used to blossom around the Midsummer.
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