Latvians in USA and Canada: recordings by Māra Zirnīte in 1990

Latvians in USA and Canada: recordings by Māra Zirnīte in 1990
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Unit numberYearMediumTypeTitle 
43AudioDigitalLife story of Māris Ķirsons
42AudioDigitalLife story of Vija Vētra
41AudioDigitalLife story of Jānis Luika
40AudioDigitalLife story of Paulīne Priede
39AudioDigitalLife story of Austra Kaže
38AudioDigitalLife story of Silvija Rudzīte
37AudioDigitalLife story of L. Tomase
36AudioDigitalLife story of Jānis Krēsliņš
35AudioDigitalLife story of Marta Šēfere
34AudioDigitalLife story of Daira Dzilnis
33AudioDigitalLife story of Guntis and Gudrīte Kuskeviči
32AudioDigitalLife story of Ilmārs and Ērika Bastjāņi
31AudioDigitalLife story of Auseklis Zaļinskis
30AudioDigitalLife story of Tadeušs Puisāns
29AudioDigitalLife story of Elza Skrindels-Zīverte
28AudioDigitalLife story of Ingrīda Vīksna
27AudioDigitalLife story of Ilze Purmale
261990AudioDigitalLife story of Aleksandrs Veinbergs
25AAudioDigitalLife story of Irēna Karule
25AudioDigitalLife story of Berta Roze
Showing 1-20 of 25 items.

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