Agita Brazauska

Agita Brazauska
Birth time/place1981 (Date is approximate)
Codes pagasts
Codes pagasts, Bauskas novads
EducationUnknown – 1996 (Date is approximate)
Code Primary School
Code, Codes pagasts, Bauskas novads

Unknown – 1999 (Date is approximate)
Bauska secondary school No. 1
Uzvaras iela 10, Bauska
Uzvaras iela 10, Bauska, Bauskas novads, LV-3901

1999 (Date is approximate)
Latvian Academy of Culture
Ludzas iela 24, Rīga
Ludzas iela 24, Rīga, LV-1003
Starpkultūru sakaru studijas

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#LocationDateTypeType of place
1Codes pagasts
(Codes pagasts, Bauskas novads)
1981Birth time/placeParish
(Code, Codes pagasts, Bauskas novads)
- 1996EducationVillage
3Uzvaras iela 10, Bauska
(Uzvaras iela 10, Bauska, Bauskas novads, LV-3901)
- 1999EducationBuilding, house
4Ludzas iela 24, Rīga
(Ludzas iela 24, Rīga, LV-1003)
1999EducationBuilding, house

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