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17LFKRiga 2nd Secondary Schoollv, ru1925-1993Collection of Riga Secondary School No. 2

One of the largest collections of the Archives of Latvian Folklore with 31 274 folklore units altogether. The collection was created by schooldchildren of Riga Secondary School No. 2 as a part of their learning programme (mostly from 1922 to 1944).

T. Priede, Anna Bērzkalne8490
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1935LFKThe Archives of Latvian Folklorelv, ru11th scientific expedition in Aizpute and Kuldīga districts

11. zinātniskā ekspedīcija 1957. gadā.

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1974LFKlv, deCollection of Ludmila Pāvule

Latviešu folkloras krātuves darbiniece Ludmila Pāvule 1965. gadā Valkā, Valgā dokumentē padomju tradīciju rašanos. Kopā 37 folkloras vienības.

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Rodomi rezultatai 1-33.

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