Enlightenment project

Enlightenment project

Repository contains data related to enlightenment in Livonia. It offers biographies of people and descriptions of their works or other contribution to the development of Latvian culture in the 18/19th centuries. Repository contains also first collections of Latvian folklore, i.e. folk songs submitted to German philosopher J.G. Herder by Baltic-Germans living in Livonia as well as digitalized, transcribed and geo-marked first publications of Latvian folk song collections.

Archives of Latvian Folklore of the ILFA, UL expresses its gratitude to the scholar of the Berlin Humboldt University Kaspar Renner, Berlin State Library and the leading researcher of the NLA Centre of Letonics and the Baltics Dr. phil. Beata Paškevica for the digital copies of the collection of the Latvian folk songs. Gratitude for cooperation and digitalization is extended also to the Academic Library of the University of Latvia that is the keeper of the first collections of Latvian folk songs.

Repository was created with support of the project „Medienpraktiken der Aufklärung“.

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