Fieldwork in Varkava in 2004/2005"

Fieldwork in Varkava in 2004/2005"
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2374migratemigrateLife story of Anna Dzene
2373migratemigrateLife story of Vera Aleksandrova
2372migratemigrateLife story of Anna Rusiņa
2371migratemigrateLife story of Genovefa Zarāne
2370migratemigrateLife story of Valērija Skutele
2369migratemigrateLife story of Pīters Kažuks
2368migratemigrateLife story of Veronika Znotiņa
2367migratemigrateLife story of Pēteris and Leontīne Znotiņi
2366migratemigrateLife story of Paulīna Znotiņa
2365migratemigrateLife story of Tekla Ziemele
2364migratemigrateLife story of Broņislava Ziemele
2363migratemigrateLife story of Anna Zelčāne
2362migratemigrateLife story of Johanna Volonta
2361migratemigrateLife story of Pēteris Vogelis
2360migratemigrateLife story of Emīlija Vingre
2359migratemigrateLife story of Jānis Vilcāns
2358migratemigrateLife story of Helēna and Francis Vilcāni
2357migratemigrateLife story of Anna Vilcāne and Tekla Znotiņa
2356migratemigrateLife story of Francis and Lūcija Veliki
2355migratemigrateLife story of Eduards Valainis
Показаны записи 1-20 из 216.

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